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Important and Useful Tips

Eco-travel focuses on journeys throughout areas that are natural, with the priority being on the conservation of these environments. It is meant to create a win-win situation, allowing tourists to enjoy these areas in a responsible manner. This means as little disruption as possible.

The Mandate

The mandate that is set for eco-travel throughout New Zealand is comprised of:

  • Minimising any type of impact that could be created by tourism
  • Educating through awareness of the culture and the environment
  • Promoting financial benefits for the preservation and conservation of an ecoregion
  • Providing a good experience for both the visitors and the region

Visitor Tips

Tourists can play a positive role by adopting eco-travel rules such as:

  • Not creating any harm to the lands they are visiting
  • Choosing eco-friendly accommodations
  • Buying products and using services that benefit the region by offering tourism opportunities
  • Suppose those offering the eco-tourism opportunities and the tourists themselves work hand in hand. In that case, it can have a significant impact on the preservation of these lands. If responsibility is not taken for this, then it can have a detrimental effect.
  • Simple steps such as not littering and being mindful of water usage are two additional ones that can be taken by those who are touring the many different regions throughout New Zealand. It is easy to fall into the trap of not being eco-conscious when on holidays or visiting a place outside of one's country. But, eco-responsibility is a worldwide concern.
  • Travel to certain outdoor locations is not recommended during severe weather conditions. Alternative activities you could pursue include visiting nature museums, eating out at gastro pubs, and playing online pokies or other mobile games at a local cafetieria (view a complete list of mobile casinos in New Zealand here)